Best Things 2016

Try, fail, repeat. 

It’s December, my favorite month! 2016 has been interesting and weird. And as the year closes it’s time to look back and see how far we’ve come and realize, Trump may be the U.S President-elect, but 2016 wasn’t so bad (if you look at history and you’re optimistic about the future). Here are the best things this 2016!

January  In my quest to lose unwanted pounds last year, I started running again, and I started this year with a 10KM run and dedicated it to Salam ya Seghar. I’ve raised 3,361.96 AED through my 30K campaign.

I promise I wasn’t trying to spam you. If you did open the two (2) test e-mails I’ve recently sent to you by mistake, you must be wondering why I’m e-mailing you Veterinary news. I decided to be serious about freelancing this year. I’m currently focusing on online e-mail marketing, and I’ve sent you my latest work by mistake. Again, sorry.

February I did my first Spartan Race and managed to get out of it alive. #AhooAhooAhoo. Tried yoga at The Burj Club for the first time!

March I quit my 6-year job at Du. Phew. Stayed overnight in the desert and managed not to kill the loud ducks and snorers.

April  Started working for Etisalat and joined Project Delivery and Management. I’ve worked in Operations and Maintenance before that. It was a struggle at first, but I’m happy now. Visited the Grand Mosque at night, the best time to see its beauty IMO. Visited the Global Village with my beautiful godsons, last time I went there was in 2010.

May Enjoyed summer! Spent it mostly in Abu Dhabi. Touring Qaryat al Beri and lounging in Saadiyat beach. Supported Operation Smile‘s book sale (Thank Ida!). Started saying NO.

June Quit smoking.

July – August – September Went to the Dubai Opera for the first time! I figured out the right seasoning and stuffing for roasted chicken. By the end of September, I’m smoking again, vape broke. Started listening to podcasts again and watched way too many documentaries. Stopped this newsletter in August and took a break. IWWIWWWIWI, don’t forget.

October Moved to IMPZ and started drawing/painting again. Started this newsletter again. Realized how under-rated the microwave oven is.

November Visited Abu Dhabi for Abu Dhabi Art 2016. Been mostly cooking and working on e-mail templates. I’ve made Turkish eggs, cooked the perfect lamb chops. Started working on the website re-design. Learned the right way to make omelets and slice things through MasterChef, Jacques Pepin. I’ve been working on managing my finances better and trying to spend less, so I started bullet journaling, for real this time, instead of buying another yearly planner, which out of habit, I always end up not using by midyear.


I’ve cared as much as what’s necessary.

No Spend Year

Been interested in the idea of No Spend Year after reading this. I’m planning to start this project in 2017, it’s going to be extremely difficult, any thoughts?

Inbox Zero

I’ve reached Inboz Zero this year! I get tons of e-mails in my personal e-mail and early this year I thought, if my work inbox is always zero, how do I do that with my personal e-mail. It’s actually quite easy. Just be careful, you might lose some important e-mail along the way if you’re careless.

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