The Best Things That Happened in 2017

Every year I write about the best things that happened for that year. This is going to be hard this time around because I used to rely on my posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for it. This year, I barely posted anything online (on purpose) so this is all based on my memory. For next year, however, I’ll be prepared. I planned to take old-school journaling seriously through the Daily Stoic journal and a daily planner.

I’m turning 32 in 11 more days and I’d like you to take this time, with me, to be very grateful about the people who stay true to us and are always there to support us. Today, until the 24th, tell them you love them. I love you.

2017, as much as I thought it sucked, isn’t so bad. My year wasn’t as awesome as I hoped it to be, and I do find solace in writing how it sucks, somehow it lifts a bit of weight off my shoulders, but doing so also means giving more fucks about it than it deserves.  I’m looking forward to an amazing 2018, it will be, I’m dead serious about it.

7,721.75 USD /  27,526.48 AED
I did quite a lot of freelance work this year and earned a minimum of 7,721.75 USD. Which I spent mostly on brunches, online courses (that I haven’t started), movies from the Apple store and other useless things. Here onwards I will dedicate a good portion of it to my lets-move-to-Canada-fund.

Amusement Parks
I love amusement parks but have say that as I grow older I love it less and less. I’ve developed a fear of heights and I also no longer have the YOLO-attitude. Instead of “Fuck it, let’s do it!”, my new mantra is, “Fuck it, I’d rather sleep.” Still, I managed to visit Ferrari World and IMG Worlds of Adventure this year. Two of my best friends in the world (Jen & Ron) visited early this year and I took them to Abu Dhabi. I’ve been to Ferrari World before, back when the Flying Aces wasn’t built yet. So it’s kind of cool that I got to ride it, albeit by mistake and they won’t fool me again. We went inside without knowing what ride it was and it was a long walk to get to the end.

Hatta Dam, Jebel Jais, Al Qudra Lakes
The year started with quite a few adventures since I had a bunch of friends visiting. Also, as soon as 2017 started I had an inching feeling of leaving the country for good so I thought it will be great to tick off something things or visit some places I haven’t been to here yet. Obviously, this was before summer and Ramadan, when I mostly stay indoors and hibernate. Heading up to see Hatta Dam and the tallest mountain in the UAE, Jebel Jais was really cool. Got to witness flamingoes flying at Al Qudra lakes too.

My sister in Dubai
My sister also visited me this year and I got to show her around. It was fun and depressing. For seven years of living here, I’ve never really felt homesick until she visited and left.

Gained all the pounds I lost in 2015
Not only did I stop working out but I also ate out a lot. Cabritoz took over the spot of the best mandi place in Dubai for me. Had a lot of Feraas’ kunafa. I also enjoyed dining at CoyaFarzi Cafe and Carnival by Tresind.

Gifted, The Room, Baby Driver
Watched a lot of great movies but Gifted, Tommy Wiseau’s The Room (one of the worst films ever made) and Baby Driver were my favourites this year.

Off-roading and others
Finally joined the JK Fun Club and went off-roading. It was really fun and met a lot of cool people.

I experienced a lot and found out a lot of things about me and what I care about, can’t say I learned, I’m still processing most of my realizations. I am also more aware of my health now and especially my anxieties and moods. Hopefully, after a year, I can write about how I am able to be more in control of myself.

There goes 2017! I’ll see you again in 2018, which is in a couple of weeks.

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