kennaHi. I’m Kenna. I was born in an archipelago of 7,107+ islands currently living in the desert working as a Project Manager for Telecommunications. I make things for the web, like themes for Tumblr, WordPress etc.

I started blogging when I was thirteen and at the same time taught myself how to code. Lissa Explains it All helped me a lot. Since then I’ve been trying to enhance my skills through books. I’m a huge fan of A Book Apart books. Food is something I’m passionate about, although my love for eating is more apparent than my love for cooking.

I love reading and did a short interview with Readmill about it in 2012, you can view it here. I founded Mensis Liber. It was inspired by Brian Krans‘ A Constant SuicideThe goal of the site is simple, for people to read more.  Prosthetic Knowledge thought of the name. Mensis Liber, is latin for the book of the month.

I am also an e-mail marketing expert (Mailchimp, Klaviyo etc.). I’m free for freelance work and even volunteer projects, learn more here.