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Anthony Bourdain


I was having a late lunch by myself when I got a message from a friend, “Anthony Bourdain died”. I couldn’t believe it… I still can’t. He was a huge influence in my life and while I didn’t know the man personally, he was a friend. I first found out about him through No Reservations, which aired through Discovery Travel & Living and travelled to different places, places I wouldn’t even imagine going to, weekly, with him. […]

I Fear for the World the Internet is Creating


Have you tried watching your favourite TV shows of the 90s or early 2000s lately? Have you noticed how it has drastically changed and most importantly how your opinions and humour has? For example, I have watched all seasons of How I Met Your Mother and Friends countless times before but I’m watching it again lately and I’m surprised how not only do I no longer laugh at their jokes but I cringe on most […]

Name One Genius That Ain’t Crazy


How’s your 2018 going? Kanye West said, “Name one genius that ain’t crazy, I can’t let these people play me”. A couple of days into 2018 I cried my first tears of the year. My PMP application was audited, and while I submitted my signed experience to them, I got a reply that they closed my application because my experience wasn’t enough. I received the e-mail late in the night, while I was studying. I couldn’t […]

Happy Holidays!


Happy holidays to everyone! The beginning of a new year has always been a motivation for me to better myself. And 2018 will be a great, stressful year for me. I just finished writing down my 2018 Milestones and plan and boy. I really need to stick to my schedule to make sure I achieve my goals for the year. Sleep is for the weak, and goodbye social life! I have procrastinated for almost a […]