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A friend asked for help regarding learning to code and design for the web today. so  I thought I should share more books and tools on Web Design. By the way, I wrote about learning about HTML and CSS before, do check that out.

The Best Programming Language

There are a lot of programming languages and it’s important you find the one you’re interested in. First, check out this handy tool to know the Best Programming Language you should learn this year. Second, check out the tools I handpicked below. And last, just let your creativity flow and never stop learning. For example, I learned HTML first before CSS. Over the years, these two languages have been evolving, I read books and online tutorials to keep myself up to date.

Learn to Code

So once you’ve chosen the programming language you want to learn, what’s next? This is my favorite part, now, let me show you the tools that I love.


There are a lot of books and tutorials out there, and it can be intimidating. Below are my personal favorites: HTML & CSS and Javascript & Jquery,  are must-have books by Jon Duckett! They are well-designed and extremely helpful. In addition, Learning Web Design by By Jennifer Niederst Robbins and CSS3 Missing Manual are also great books.

A Book Apart books are also my favorites. They are concise and well-designed! I read all kinds of design books from logo to print design too. Specifically, I love Phaidon Design books. The Graphic Design: The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips is cool.

A Book Apart Books on Web Design

Graphic Design

What else? More books! Don’t forget to add Designing for the Web by Mark Boulton and Front-End Style Guides by Anna Debenham to your reading list.

Online Learning/MOOCs

Online learning is fun and easy. Right now, there are tons of courses at Udemy. I use Udemy, CodeAcademy, and Codementor. Been wanting to enroll to General Assembly but currently overloaded at work, but they have a great course. Do check out DASH, it teaches HTML, CSS, and Javascript through fun projects, right in your browser. I also use UdacityCoursera, IDEOedX, CreativeLive, and Skillshare.


Primer is an app by Google with which you can learn new marketing skills. Marketing? Yes. Because a significant part of designing for the web is marketing. I believe that designers, marketers and developers will work more effectively if they learn a thing or two from one another.

Primer App

Lingo is a beautiful app! It’s the best way to organize, share and use all your visual assets on your desktop! Lrn and Javvy are mobile apps that teach HTML, CSS, Python, Ruby, and Javascript. I primarily use Notepad for coding and Dreamweaver, but Google Web Designer is something to check out.


Subscribing to websites is an easy way to receive design ideas, news, and tutorials in your inbox. For example, HackDesign e-mail lessons are pretty handy. Designlab has a newsletter series on responsive design here. Google Design has resources list and useful articles. Web Field Manual is worth a look. Design Hunt is pretty!


I subscribe and follow Eye on Design by AIGA and DesignTaxi, religiously. I use Design InspirationHTTPSTER, and NIICE for inspiration, also Dribbble.

SkillstackFurther to that, I subscribe to TNW Deals and Mightydeals for current deals on learning courses and design deals. Another notable directory is SkillStack, it contains a lot of resources to help you learn how to code and design among others. Freebiesbug is an awesome source of web design tools. Startup StashWeb Design News and Makerbook are curated directories of resources & tools to help you build your startup or learn something new! Tutset is a good place to start to learn web design & web development.

Have fun coding!

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