Hello, World!

I started blogging and teaching myself to code (mostly design web pages) almost twenty years ago. I’ve thought over and over of quitting blogging, and for some reason, I cannot seem to do it.

Turning thirty (one and a half year ago) was a very pivotal moment in my life. I would like to think I had my “Aha!” moment then. No, I didn’t suddenly know everything nor did I figured things out, but I became better at giving priorities and letting things go and valuing time more. Since then, I’ve been trying to take over my life and actual steer it myself instead of letting everything and everyone else do it for me.

I am back blogging

I’m looking forward into this new chapter in my life, and I would like to announce that… I am back blogging (I didn’t quit writing, a select few receive newsletters from me, and I also write sometimes at Medium) and documenting my new found love of making the most my “nothing minutes” so let’s see how it goes.

What to expect?

Most of my “nothing minutes” are currently dedicated to two important things. First, passing my PMP certification this third quarter. Second, getting the score I want in all areas of IELTS in early 2018. As I study, more than documenting my progress, I would like to write about my personal and professional experiences. Experiences related to my full-time job as a Project Manager and everything else with regards to the Telecommunications industry. I’ve been working in Telecommunications more than a decade now (w00t!).

Also, I am currently working on quite a few e-mail marketing projects. I would love to share my insights and learnings on e-mail marketing here too. My e-mail marketing projects usually consume at least a quarter or my day, sometimes more. But, it’s something I’m passionate about. Of course, I cannot forget about reading and books, because it is after all my one true love, I started lib a while back, and you can expect great things on there too. Sounds fun?

P.S. I think this is a great read, Millennials are obsessed with side hustles because they’re all we’ve got.

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