15 Best Things 2015

2015 was hard but fun. It was a year of a lot of “firsts”. I’d like to believe I’ve become more mature this year. I’m turning thirty this year after all. In 24 Powerful Ways To Finish The Year Off Right, one of them is, “make a list of the fifteen best things you did this year”, so here it goes.

Best Things of 2015

  1. I used to think life is unfair, but I realized it isn’t.
  2. Won and enjoyed a scenic tour of Dubai through a seaplane.
  3. Saw giraffes and other wildlife at Sir Baniyas Island. Had the most amazing time!
  4. Lost more than 10kgs of weight and worked out more! Run my first 10Km.
  5. Worked on a number of creative projects. I got paid in some, but I also did online volunteering which is awesome!

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Why I Run

Running is my go-to form of exercise.

I run because it helps me think more, clearer and better. I run because it takes my mind off things, things I will be fixated on if I wasn’t keeping myself busy. I run because I feel free and relaxed whenever I do. I run because it makes me feel alone yet not lonely, and it’s one of the best feelings in the world.

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